The Heritage football program continues to grow, making it a quality experience for both players and family. As the program grows, so does the responsibility of its Booster Club members. As a parent or a supporter of the program, YOU are a member of our Booster Club!

MANDAtory deposit $150

There is a fully REFUNDABLE VOLUNTEER DEPOSIT required by each family.
Sharing the workload takes accountability and organization.  The amount of volunteering and support at Heritage has always been fantastic but has not been shared by everybody.  

Imagine what we will be capable of with the support of everybody in the program.  Your volunteer deposit will be held until the hours are completed.  It is a simple measure of accountability in hopes of getting everybody’s contribution to generate an even better experience for our kids!

We ask each family to volunteer a minimum of 4 hours per family to make our team responsibilities run like clockwork. Your deposit of $150 will be refunded as soon as you meet this requirement. If you are unable to fulfill the 4 hours, we will consider it a donation to the program. This is also directly tied to your player receiving their player pack.

Your payment of $150 is due by Ju
ne 12th 2023. The deposit goes to $200 after June 12th.

Pay with Zelle to
(Please double & triple check the email address when you type it!)

Make sure to note the purpose & the player!

Sign Up through the Signup Genius, first come first served.
Here’s a few (not all) available opportunities:

  • Chains for JV Games
  • Merchandise for Varsity games
  • Western Welcome Week Parade
  • Locker Tags Assistant
  • Team feed Assistant
  • Homecoming Carnival setup/cleanup and Booth
  • Senior Night Assistant
  • End of Season Banquet
  • Freshman Game Photography
  • JV Game Photography

Volunteer tracking will be done through our Volunteer Coordinator or SignUp Genius and confirmed by the Board.